Brown, VanWickie Gate
Columbia, Uris Hall
Linacre, Oxford

Dr. Woods offers the benefit of her extensive experience advising and consulting nationally and internationally on:

• Planning and assessment

  • Served on the academic planning team at Brown University and helped lead strategic planning processes at Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster (PA) General Hospital Foundation, and Wheaton College.
  • On behalf of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC),  served on re-accreditation teams for Bentley College, Colby-Sawyer College (as chair), L’Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland, Holy Cross College, and Tufts University, and presented at the annual NEASC  training session .
  • Served on the team evaluating the English department at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and supervised various departmental and administrative unit evaluations at Franklin & Marshall and Wheaton Colleges.

Susanne Woods is an excellent presenter/facilitator. She has been a leader in curriculum reform and in the incorporation of information and technology into teaching and learning. She leads discussions in a gentle and very well-informed way. Her years of experience as a faculty member, academic dean, provost and researcher make her presentations to librarians and information technologists about their role in academia especially powerful.

Susan Perry
Senior Advisor, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Interim President, Council on Library and Information Resources

Curriculum and faculty development

  • Served as faculty chair of the Educational Policy Committee of Brown University, initiated curricular transformation at Franklin & Marshall College, and initiated and led the curricular transformation process at Wheaton College.
  • Presented on curricular issues to the American Association of Colleges and Universities, the national group of liberal arts provosts (“Annapolis Deans”), and individual institutions.
  • Developed and oversaw new faculty development programs at Franklin & Marshall and Wheaton Colleges, including the hiring and retention of faculty of color.

“Susanne Woods is a triple threat. (1) She thinks about academic administration and curriculum in sophisticated and insightful ways. (2) She communicates clearly and crisply. And, (3) she is as much at home with process and practice as she is with substance and concepts.”

Richard Chait
Professor of Higher Education, and Director,
Harvard Study of New Scholars
Harvard University

• Library and technology

  • Presented and facilitated at several workshops for the Council of Independent Colleges on the future of the library, keynote speaker at the twentieth anniversary meeting of the Rhode Island Library Consortium, presented on the future of information resources for the liberal arts at an annual meeting of the Council of Library and Information Resources, presenter at the EDUCOM Executive Seminars, and active in several initiatives taken by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

“Those of us in the Liberal Arts program at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation worked with Susanne Woods on a number of projects and programs that she and her colleagues at Wheaton College designed to strengthen the academic life of the institution. They were always imaginative, well thought through and appropriate to the needs of the college. Susanne was also one of the academic officers who saw early on that the faculty in liberal arts colleges needed to become more familiar with and comfortable using information technology to enhance their teaching as well as support their research. She served on several committees that the Foundation set up to guide the development of its funded technology centers to support the work of librarians, informational technologists and faculty in their efforts to rethink teaching and learning in an electronic age. Susanne is knowledgeable, approachable, and filled with energy and good ideas. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Mary P. McPherson
Vice President of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation